How does it work?

After the initial referral or contact, we will agree a date to meet and carry out an initial assessment. Initial Assessments and Counselling Sessions are generally paid in cash at the end of sessions the fee is £50 for individuals and £75 for couples.

At this initial meeting I will explain about my work and complete the assessment at the end of which I will ask you to help me identify those issues/areas you would like to address in counselling. Unless you require a written contract we will make a verbal contract including confidentiality, length of sessions, times and frequency as well as aims.

You do not need to make a decision straight away as I know best decisions are taken when one has had the opportunity to consider all details given. It is very important both for you as a client and me as a counsellor that we meet and assess the possibility of working together as it is not always as straight forward as it seems but this will also be discussed at the first meeting.

If you are first time considering counselling you can find useful information here:

  • I am a member of this wonderful organisation, please visit this website for really is very useful
  • - delighted to recommend this website to anyone who desires to train or learn more about counselling. I have also completed my training with them.
  • a very useful site for any client or counsellor and those who work with people or want to understand more about working with people. I also recommend this site for its brilliant fact and figures and research updates.

please watch this space for more information ...

Thank you for taking the time to check my website out. I hope you had find it useful and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

What happens next? 

When you contact me, I will ask you a few questions after which I will let you know when my next available appointment for a first session is.

I am very open and honest and I want to assure you I will always put your interest first especially when it comes to your counselling. Should I consider that you would benefit more from a different kind of therapy or experience I will discuss this with you and recommend the right way forward but be assured this is not common and the decission is not taken lightly. It will always be your own decission and every concern is being discussed carefully.


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