Life is full of complications and difficulties and some of us feel overwhelmed by all that goes on around us and within us. It is hard to know and make sense of some parts of life and if you are looking for some help and support you have come to the right place. I am an experienced counsellor that offers a safe and non judgemental space where you will feel valued and appreciated.

In addition to my private work, I also offer counselling in Schools, Youth Centres, Non Profit Organisations/Charities and Churches and corporate businesses.

I know and understand how risky and scary it can be to try and reach out especially to someone we do not know. I can offer you geniuiness and openess, honesty and safety. Confidentiality is a very important element of my work and being a member of a professional body means I am responsible for conducting my work in such a way that is beneficial to you.

There are no secrets or hidden meanings, “Just Another Way.” It was born of a pure thought that has been experienced in my journey through life. Just Another Way has developed naturally and that is why I believe it is special and unique. It certainly wasn’t a rushed or quick decision but it took hard work, research, studies and a lot of learning from the more experienced. It is wonderful and rewarding to be able to provide this service to people in real need. It is not an easy place to be but it is a privilege to journey with my clients and allow them to experience “just another way”- to heal, restore and reach your full potentials.

Just Another Way – is a counselling opportunity which requires one to honestly want to embark on that journey of self-discovery that takes commitment in working hard and determination to learn, develop and understand oneself and make sense of that what surrounds us and makes us.

“Just Another Way” has many aims a few of these are:

  • To address those things that have been bothering you or caused you to be negative and doubtful
  • To explore new ways to restore and heal yourself
  • To enable yourself to be all that you feel you should be and to give yourself a unique chance to grow and reach your potential


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