Maria SmithMy name is Maria Smith and I am a fully qualified counsellor and Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy. I am blessed to have a rich pallet of counselling experiences with individuals and young people in various settings such as private practice, schools, youth centres, churches, charities and non profit organisations and some corporate work through Employment Based Programmes.

I consider myself to be a unique therapist with experience in both secular and spiritual worlds. Originally from Eastern Europe I have lived in a few countries and worked in a multicultural non profit organisation where I met people from almost all walks of life. I have had the opportunity to meet various important and well regarded people (VIPs) and have also worked with orphans, homeless and people who worked very hard to “live”. Perhaps this is why I find it easy to relate to people and am often described as warm, honest and open. My own belief is that all people are born to be good and achieve in life, however we are conditioned by our environments and those around us. I also believe that we function on many different levels such as physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and all these levels seek to find harmony which is hard to establish, but not impossible.

I speak three languages at native level and have offered counselling in these languages which was both interesting and very rewarding.

I have first hand experience in the healing and restoring effects of counselling (to name a few) which I also believe give credibility and authenticity to my work. My own” wonderful” experience of counselling has helped me and shaped me into the counsellor I am today. I have tried alternative ways which have also helped and influenced me off course, but I can say counselling has added that extra special WAY to my way into life.

I take my work very seriously which is why I spend a lot of my time researching, reading, attending seminars and meetings with other professionals  in order to find the best way to help my clients. I value each and every client regardless of their identity, status or ethnicity. I aim to be non-judgmental, confidential and to provide a safe and healthy environment to develop relationships with my clients.

I am happily married and a mum of two boys. I come from a large family and have particular interest in family dynamics and family matters. I also have a personal interest in Mental Health and Sexuality.

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and I adhere totally to the BACP professional and ethical framework. I have professional indemnity insurance and I work in a beautiful therapy room in the historic City of Rochester, Kent.

I am a Person Centred, Humanistic Counsellor and offer both long term and short term counselling. I also operate an affordable scheme with a lowernumber of sessions for those who are on low income or whom are genuinely unable to afford counselling.



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